Vishal Srivastava B2B lead Generation Expert

Hi there,

I’m Vishal. I’ve:

Built and sold an outsourcing company
• Generated $10M+ in sales for clients
Sold much more in outsourcing services for my employers

How can I help you today?

What I do?

I help B2B entrepreneur and sales person become more successful by

Generating leads for you

Coaching your sales team 

-Giving you resources to manage your sales team

I have sold Software/SaaS, IT Services, BPO and marketing services around the world for over 20 years.

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A bit about me

When I started my outsourcing company in 2005, I was confident about getting new business. After all, I had connects in the US and had experience in selling consulting and IT services in the US and the UK.

But when you’re an entrepreneur or work with a small company, it’s hard to get business. No one knows you and you don’t have the resources of a bigger company.

So, after I sold my company, I started helping b2b software and outsourcing companies get more customers.

For the next few years, I coached multiple companies grow sales in the US.

During this journey, many entrepreneurs asked me to do lead generation because they did not have the time or experience to do it themselves.

Now, I do lead generation and coaching for b2b software and outsourcing companies that have between $1-5M in sales.

I also run an Entrepreneur Mentoring program for IIT Roorkee alumni association where we help new entrepreneurs start their business, raise capital, and grow. 

Get in touch today if you’re excited about growing your b2b software or outsourcing business.

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