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Is your sales team struggling to make enough calls, setup meetings and fill up your pipeline?  

I have solved this problem for dozens of B2B tech companies. 

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B2B Sales Coaching

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How to scale your sales outreach

Tools and processes to enable your team to make more calls

Sales leaders often struggle to get SDRs and sales reps to do enough outbound activities. 

My Sales Operations template gives you an easy-to-use plan to scale up your SDR’s outreach activities.

The plan shows you how to scale your outreach to 60 activities per day in just 4 weeks, starting with just 7 on day 1

Make your sales team more effective with cold email and cold calling samples

Cold emails don’t work; Warm emails do. Same goes for calling. 

Your team gets ready to use samples and templates for cold emails and cold calls. These warm emails will resonate with your prospects and get them to respond. 

Most sales people struggle to get response because they don’t know how to write warm emails or book meetings on phone. I show them how to book meetings with warm emails and phone calls. 

Generate more warm leads and prospects

Your SDRs and AEs can deliver only if they have the right list of prospects. My coaching will show them how to build a list of warm prospects who are more likely to buy from you. 

Identifying the ideal target audience is a critical skill for a salesperson. But very few know how to build their own list. 

My coaching emphasizes effective lead generation and qualification strategies. Your team will learn how to build lists based on ICP, company and person specific triggers using LinkedIn, Google, your website visitor data, and lead databases. 

Make your salespeople 3x more productive

Your salespeople should be spending their time on prospecting – list building, calling, emailing and engaging with prospects on LinkedIn. But are they doing that?

Ask your SDRs why they are not spending time on prospecting and you’ll hear a laundry list of items. The underlying issue is that your SDRs have not organized their workday. 

Teach them how to organize their time to prioritize prospecting and see their productivity soar 3x in just a few weeks. 

Manage your sales team

Take the guesswork out of managing your sales team

Lead your diverse sales teams with ease. My coaching equips you with the processes and report templates to manage your sales team effectively.

Leading a diverse sales team, often with remote members, can pose challenges in terms of coordination, motivation, and performance management.

I give you the tools you need to monitor the outcome, identify issues and stay on top of your sales team. 


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