SEO is even more important with Local Search on Mobile

by / Tuesday, 09 December 2014 / Published in Digital Marketnig Blog
Local Search on Mobile

Local search is moving to mobile – 46% of users search exclusively on mobile devices according to a research by Telmetrics and xAd 2013 Mobile Path-to-Purchase study. While this is a huge number, to fully comprehend it’s significance, you need to see it along with unique characteristics of a mobile device.

Due to small screen sizes, the number of search results a user can see is limited to 3-5 depending on screen size. The user will need to scroll down to see more results. The first 1-2 results could actually be cpc ads which means the effective number of organic results will be far fewer on the first screen. Traditionally, the focus of search engine optimization (SEO) has been on getting in the top 10 or page 1 of search results. If you are on first page, you can expect a decent traffic. Of course, if you are on top of page 1 it’s better but getting on page 1 can be a huge boost. But that is all changing with mobile. You may be on page 1 but if you are not in top 5, it is highly unlikely the user will see your site without scrolling. It adds another level of friction and there is greater chance the user will miss results while scrolling.

All this adds up to just one thing – you need to double down on your SEO efforts to make sure you are in top 5 search results, not just the first page. Or be prepared to spend a bunch on cpc ads.