Online PR Product Development for ClearPoint Agency

Clearpoint Agency is one of the top award-winning PR firms in San Diego. The firm develops creative programs for B2B and B2C clients in high-tech, consumer, financial, professional services, manufacturing and biotech industries.

The client was looking for a partner to develop an online, self-service PR service. We worked with the client to design, develop and deploy the service with an intelligent backend to automatically generate PR material. The service was aimed at small businesses and startups.

What we did
  • Product conceptualization
  • Design and development of web application

“We worked with Vishal and his team to develop a software program that would help small businesses to do their own PR. Vishal was an intelligent and dedicated manager who moved the project along diligently. His strategic IT and management skills are a great asset to any business he works with.”

– Beth Walsh, Co-founder & Vice President