Guest Blogging for SEO

by / Saturday, 06 December 2014 / Published in Digital Marketnig Blog

Guest blogging continues to be a great tool for reputation building as well as SEO and driving traffic. There are two primary reasons why it works well for reputation management:

  1. You become a “Published” writer as opposed to a blogger on your own site. Others see you as someone in demand and therefore, an expert
  2. Access to readers / traffic who do not come to your own site. This helps expand your readership. Some of the new readers may start visiting your own blog, building your reputation.

Guest blogging has a snowball effect. Once your have done a few, you can cite those and get more opportunities. Many guest blogging opportunities, especially with bigger sites, ask for prior articles. Once you have a couple under the belt, you are likely to get more. If you have not done any guest blogging, I suggest starting your own blog first.write for a few weeks so you have portfolio to show others. Just focus on creating great content without worrying about traffic.

Follow these steps to find guest blogging opportunities: Search Google with this phrase: Keyword + intitle:”write for us” – replace Keyword by your topic / area of interest. For example, if you want to write about mobile app development, search with mobile app development + intitle:”write for us”.  You will get a list of websites looking for guest bloggers. You can also try the variation Keyword + intitle:”blog for us”. You should also keep checking popular sites like and for potential opportunities.

One of the things you should do is get your own blog and twitter listed as a sources on social sites like or news apps like Flipboard. It will help others discover your blogs and re-post it on their sites or share it with others. Creating an RSS feed of your blogs and submitting it to feed readers is another great way to get your blog posted / published by other sites.