Search Engine Optimization

  • In simple terms, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, includes all activities that help your website, specific pages, products or services show up in search results when somebody enters related terms on a search engine. The words or phrase people use on search engines to find information are called keywords. Our SEO start by identifying the right keywords to target for on-page and off-page optimization.

    We analyze your current pages to make sure they can be found and correctly categorized by search engines. We also help you put in place required tools and process to make sure the new content or pages on your site are optimized for search. Most small business sites require significant upfront work for on-page optimization. Once the tools and process are in place, it’s a matter of following them every time a new content is added.

    The focus of Off-page optimization is to build high quality links that point to your site or specific pages. As a general rule, the more links that point to your site, the better it is. We use multiple link building strategies including arranging guest blogging opportunities for you.

Search Engine Marketing

  • SEM (also called CPC or PPC advertising) involves online paid promotions. You can advertise on Google, Bing, Facebook and a host of other websites and networks.

    Our SEM services include selecting the right advertising channel, setting up account, running ads, setting up landing pages and monitoring performance. Please look at our digital marketing services package for more detail.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media marketing is an integral part of our digital marketing services. It includes one-time set up of your social media accounts and ongoing promotion.

    As part of the social media marketing services, we will help you select the right social media channels and develop an engagement plan for each channel. For example, if you sell to younger audiences in the US, you must include channels like Vine and Snapchat. On the other hand, if you sell to the same segment in India, you need to focus more on Facebook.

YouTube Marketing

  • Videos are an important part of our digital marketing services. YouTube is the largest video hosting service and attracts over 1 billion unique users every month. You can drive a significant number of visitors to your website / store from YouTube. We will help you set up your YouTube channel and optimize your videos.

    With our YouTube Marketing service, your prospects can easily find your videos on YouTube. Another benefit of a well optimized YouTube video is that Google may include it in its web search results sending additional non-YouTube traffic to your video.

Media Coverage / Press Release

  • We help you find opportunities for media coverage. This is an exceptional value as media coverage builds credibility, brings traffic and helps in SEO. We will also help you create news release at regular intervals so you can tell your story to the world. The news release brings additional exposure to your business.

Content Marketing Services

  • Content marketing has become central to driving more traffic to your website and converting those visitors into customers. We help you develop a content generation and distribution plan, help you generate text and video content and put in place mechanism for distributing the content though various channels.

    You’re the best expert on your products and services and there is no one who can create compelling content the way you can. But you are also hard pressed for time and content ideas. We help you create a plan, stick to it and generate high quality content at regular intervals. Our team can re-format the same content for reuse and makes sure the content is shared through appropriate channels.

Digital Marketing Tools

  • It includes setting up Google Analytics, Google and Bing Web Master accounts, generating and submitting site map, automating content distribution and optional content discovery and aggregation tools like, IFTTT, Zapier etc.

    We also track traffic and generate reports for your review.

Affiliate Marketing

  • If you want other websites / marketers to sell your products or services, you will need to set up an affiliate network. We will help you get set up with major affiliate networks and manage it for you. Our affiliate marketing service includes managing affiliates, offers and sales through the network.

    If you are an affiliate marketer and need help with finding new advertisers and products we can help. Our service includes product research, submitting and managing affiliate applications as well as maintaining your website / app.

Ebook Writing & Publishing

  • Your small business can benefit from a well written ebook. An ebook establishes you and your business as an expert. You can also selectively use content form the book for promotion through other channels. We can help you plan, write, edit and publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle, world’s largest and most dominant ebook platform. You can also distribute the book through other channels like Scribd and Kobo.

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